classic style points with replica Prada shoes

Fortunate enough to own Prada shoes? Fancy that – you have two great pairs of footwear with which you can create an entire weekday and weekend wardrobe around. The great thing about owning shoes from these fashion houses is that upgrade your fashion factor without even trying. For an all-out high fashion look, here are some great suggestions on what to get to add more style to your step.

Of course, it has to be very clear that the kind of replica Prada shoes and Louis Vuitton shoes you own are leaning towards the classic designs. Choose from any of the following: loafers, classic box toe pumps, boat shoes, slip ons, or mules. One or the other should be good enough to build a wardrobe around, so all you need now are key pieces that will ensure you have enough stylish pieces to look fabulous all year long without having to buy any more new pairs of shoes. Here is a list of the things you ought to invest in – in the same way you invested in designer shoes.

And of course, you ought to own two things that are polar opposites yet work well together: the slim-fitting black blazer and the perfect white tank top. At the office, your Prada shoes will make your black blazer truly powerful. After work, casually change into the white tank and layer over the blazer to look like you have elegantly dressed down for dinner and drinks with the gang. You do not even need to pile on the accessories – with your Louis Vuitton shoes and maybe a bangle or a cocktail ring (big enough to impress but not overpowering), you are already good to go style-wise.

Prada shoes get the go signal for the purchase – especially since you will have a much easier time building a style-worthy wardrobe that does not need any other type of pair aside from these two!